Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's coming right for us

In an "oops" worthy of Joey Tribbiani, a military shooting exercise in Litochoro went terribly wrong on Monday when a missile landed dangerously close to the door of the Aghios Dionysios monastery, which lies along the side of Mt. Olympus.

Archimandrite (isn't that a great word?! sounds like some kind of sandwich spread) Maximos, the head of the monastery, sent yet another letter protesting the nearby firing range and the danger it poses to the health and happiness of his monks.

After having lived in Litochoro, I can say that that firing range was pretty damn annoying, and if I thought we were ever in any danger of a missile launching in the wrong direction, I would have been quite displeased. You know how often they practiced firing when our three cats were actually used to the noise after a few months. But geez, you know, I was still sleeping at 9am! They need to learn how to fire their tanks quietly, and in the right direction, apparently.

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Cynthia Rae said...

What brave cats you have! Mine would have spent the rest of their lives hiding under the bed. Thank goodness we don't live near a firing range!