Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We all scream for ice cream

In Greece, especially in the smaller villages, you won't find ice cream readily available in the late fall/winter months (chocolate and other candies usually take over then). So, when you see the first packages of ice cream fill the stores in late March, you are ready for it. There are tons of ice cream brands here in Greece, some better than others. But you won't find Ben & Jerry's here. Another thing you won't find is mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was one of my favorite flavors, and boy do I miss it. In fact, Greeks don't seem to be ultra-fond of mint consumption, because you can't buy any chocolate mint candies either.

My favorite flavor for the moment is Delta Nirvana brand's Cookies and Cream. The last time I bought some, however, I opted for the convenient single serving packages. Unfortunately, you lose out on the big chunks of cookie in the single serving packages. I'll have to remember that next time.

One thing for sure, not much beats ice cream when it is so hot outside.


EllasDevil said...

Well I personally can't understand you liking Delta ice cream when obviously Algida is the best! You have to admit I'm right! However when it comes to the really good ice cream, it's worth pointing out you can buy Haagan Daaz in the supermarkets (at AB Vasilopoulos) however here in Athens, we have a new ice cream heaven. There's a supermarket here called Thanopoulos (www.thanopoulos.gr) and they import Ben & Jerry's from the UK!!!

melusina said...

Oh man, Ben & Jerry's! I wonder if it will come to Thessaloniki too.

My love for Delta comes from the fact that this village doesn't have a vast variety of ice cream choices. I too prefer Algida, but it is hard to find around here. I usually grab some Haagan Daaz when we go to the Champion in Katerini though.

Infindecimal slice said...

Personally I like some nirvana flavors more than the equivalent haagen dazz ones.