Thursday, October 27, 2005

Boob alert

A British men's magazine is taking some heat for a contest offering 5,800 euros for breast implants for the winner's girlfriend. The ad for the contest says:

"Make your lady a more rounded individual with our feel-good, selfless, world-first competition."

Men can even choose the size of breast they like best from an A cup to a G cup. The British Advertising Standards Community has come down on the magazine, stating that breast augmentation surgery is potentially harmful and the contest is irresponsible. The public outcry centers on the fact that it encourages women to get plastic surgery.

In their defense, the editors claim it is "just a suggestion" and that winners can do whatever they want with the money.

I've stated my position on plastic surgery before. Even though I don't approve, I'm not going to say that this magazine shouldn't offer such a contest. But I really would have to hope that the winner would not pressure his girlfriend to have the plastic surgery, unless it is something she wanted already. And if she didn't, I would hope she has the nerve to tell her boyfriend off. There are enough things wrong with this world without people worrying about what they look like.


The SeaWitch said...

I wonder what men would think if women's magazines started advertising penis implant contests for their readers' boyfriends?

Hacking up your body to appease the fleeting tastes of men is something I'll never understand.

Women will spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery without a second thought but won't spend a cent towards their education. So much for the 'modern' woman.
One visit to this site should be enough for any woman with two functioning brain cells to think twice about plastic surgery.

melusina said...

I hate it so much. I mean, I think it is great there are so many advances in the field that people who are severely injured can get good reconstructive surgery, but the vanity side of it really bothers me. And so few people actually look better after they have procedures, except in the case of a nose job here and there.

But I'd rather live my life without a man than be with one who wanted me to have some kind of plastic surgery. I'll age gracefully on my own, thankyouverymuch, with no surgery, creams, toxins, and miscellaneous crap on and in my body.