Thursday, October 20, 2005

What you don't know about Harry Potter

With the U.S. release of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire a month away, VH1 compiled a list of "20 Things You Didn't Know about Harry Potter", even though a couple of the things I most certainly DID know.

Props to Wizard News for the link.


Eff said...

I'm more LotR than Potter, not read one of the Potter books. The concept doesn't appeal to me. So make that 20,000 things I don't know about Harry Potter, other than the fact Rowling is rich enough to have people come over and make me read the series.

AT said...

Eff, I kinda had that opinion on Potter as well, as I'm also a big Tolkien nut. However, my wife made me read the third book, and it was actually good enough that I read all the others twice.
The stories, while on a kids level, and incredibly quick to read, still read well.

melusina said...

I read Harry Potter before I ever read any of the Lord of the Rings. LOTR was what geeks read, ya know? =p

I actually love both Harry Potter and LOTR now. I like the way the Harry Potter books make me feel young again, I can get lost in the world in the same way I did when I read as a child.

LOTR is a little bit more serious, though. =p