Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Justice in America

Well, I haven't written about the Miers nomination because I suppose I am speechless. Without speech. Which is a considerably rare condition for me.

While I would hope that judicial service would be a requirement for a Supreme Court Justice, apparently it wasn't in the case of Rehnquist, or 41 other Supreme Court Justices (although I daresay you can't be too picky about the ones before, say 1942 or so). I'd assume one of the requirements is a law degree, but I am not entirely certain about that. At least Dubya didn't nominate Michael Brown.

Time has a brief snippet of some of Miers' writing. Not much there, as we all know by now.

The SCOTUSblog is the best source of information.

For now, I'll keep my mouth shut.

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