Wednesday, October 19, 2005

There goes the neighborhood

For the last 30 minutes, some dog, somewhere nearby, has been barking non-stop. I was trying to talk to my parents on the phone, and every other word I couldn't hear. This dog is a consummate barker, he terrorizes the neighborhood daily. I love animals, but this dog really needs to learn to shut up already.

One of the apartments across the street from us has been undergoing an extensive renovation for the last month or so. The apartment has a long balcony with three doors that come out on the balcony, and each door has shutters (not the crappy U.S. shutters that are affixed to the building, but ones that open and close). About a week ago they painted two sets of the shutters a much lighter blue. They have not painted the third set of shutters as of yet, and it is really bothering my obsessive compulsive inner self. I had to point this out to my husband, so it would bother his obsessive compulsive inner self.

On a side note, my mother-in-law got me a really awesome new pair of shoes for my birthday. She knows exactly what I like, in a way my own mother never did. At the end of the month she is going to come twice a week to teach me Greek. The pressure is on!

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