Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ted, just admit it

OK, I'll admit it, since someone already "outed" me in previous comments.

Today is my birthday. I'll even admit that I am now 36 years old. Too bad my mental capacity is still that of a 16 year old. Seriously, I still feel like I am too young to have children, like if I got knocked up it would be akin to some high school kid being pregnant.

Unlike Seawitch, I don't have any wise statements to make. I'm still too bitter about growing up. OK, maybe I'm not really bitter. But where the hell did all the time go? Why isn't my thesis finished? (OK, I actually know the answer to that, but still) Why haven't I done...something?

Unlike other celebrations, I don't really like making too much of my birthday here in Greece. I'm not exactly sure why. I guess part of it is because Greeks don't really do the birthday thing, so it makes me feel uncomfortable. Another part of it is that my birthday was always a time to be my friends. My friends whom I miss desperately. And inevitably, I'll get a birthday card or email from them that makes me cry.

My husband surprised me with a cake for breakfast. My mother-in-law bought a cake "at no obligation for us to stop by". I'm going to have cake coming out of my ears. I keep hoping that my in-laws will forget my birthday, but who am I kidding?

All things considered, I guess I'll quit bitching and just concentrate on all the things I am thankful for: a good life with a wonderful husband, a loving family (including my in-laws), friends that haven't forgotten me. And the tests on the first possible bird flu case in Greece came back negative!

Now if only a picture of Karl Rove in handcuffs appeared on the news, my birthday would be complete!


deviousdiva said...

Have a good one.
It's good to see you everyday in our bloggie world.
Keep it up, girl

AT said...

Since its your birthday, I won't make fun of you pushin 40. Happy birthday!

Coincidentally, you share b-days with my littler sister.

traveller one said...

I hope you had a really lovely birthday... really... lovely.

Vol Abroad said...

Many happy returns... Enjoy the day (nearly over now), enjoy the weekend - milk it for all it's worth. Eat cake.

Anonymous said...

Go.. go.. go.. go.. go..
Go Mel!
It's your birthday!
We're gonna party like it's your birthday!
We're gonna sip bacardi like it's your birthday!
And you know we don't give a (bleep) it's not your birthday!


Hope you had a fantastic day!

The SeaWitch said...

Happy Birthday Mel!

Since you're a Libra like me, I'm wondering if you have any of the following Libra traits. At least these ones aren't the same as the personality printed on the mug I received for a birthday present several years ago... "Librans Make Good Prostitutes" . LOL

"Very bright and social; effective with language; deliberate about practicing social skills and manners; good at arbitration and diplomacy, searches for win-win solutions that make everyone happy; desires peace at any cost, even if it means stifling personal feelings or attitudes; avoids conflict or competition; more comfortable with intellect than emotions; performs best when sharing activity with a partner or peer; struggles with parenthood until children are old enough to communicate; will move to balance anything, including a relationship, which seems off-center."

Cynthia Rae said...

It seems we are little better at celebrating birthdays in America (the Italians don't seem to do much, other then a cake). In my family, we celebrated birthday week (which soon turned into birthday month)! This is one tradition I WILL bring to Italy. We will celebrate birthdays with dinners, cakes and presents! I hope you do the same.

Happy birthday. May all your wishes come true!
Cyn PS. I am 31 and would be just as shocked as you if I found out I was having a baby....hehehe.
Aren't talking cats enough to have to care for?

melusina said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! I had a great day, even if I couldn't be with my Nashville friends. I had to trade them off for a great husband. =p

Seawitch, that description is pretty much on the mark. But I've been told I am on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio. I don't seem to have many Scorpio traits though.

And yes, Cyn, talking cats are MORE than enough!

Eff said...

Happy Birthday, as belated as I am. As for personality, I don't feel very Leo at all. One test says I should have been a Capricorn.