Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bravo Ellada? I don't think so

The Greek team blew their qualifying match against Denmark tonight, and the network that aired the game had the audacity to say "Bravo Ellada, it's ok" and "Always champions in our hearts".

What kind of mollycoddling is that? No wonder the Greek team didn't win. You can't tell them after every loss "it's ok". It isn't ok. The Greek team won the Euro 2004 cup, but what was that, a fluke? They played some pretty piss poor soccer this year for the European champions. They knew they pretty much had to win tonight's game against Denmark to have a chance at qualifying for the World Cup. Greece was third in the standings for their group, behind the Ukraine (who already qualified) and Turkey. The knew they had to win, but what did they do?

They lollygagged their way around the field. They let Denmark grab the ball from them. They barely seemed to know where the hell the ball was half the time. Chance to score? No coordinated effort. Two or three times would have been perfect chances to score had the player closest to the goal been paying better attention. Grats on moving down the fourth place. Well done!

Yea, I'm pissed. I really wanted Greece to go to the World Cup. In America, we don't treat our teams well when they lose so horribly. Maybe if we had been harder on the Greek team, they might have come through for us.


GoldenAppleCorp said...

You managed to use forms of two of my favorite words (mollycoddling and lollygagged) in that post.
Good on ya!

The SeaWitch said...

If "Bravo Ellada" is used for losing and "Bravo Ellada" is used for winning then it actually has no meaning. They got their glory, their awards, their bonuses last year.They've fallen victim to the same disease that afflicts singers, and authors...complacency. They are the One Hit Wonders of soccer.

melusina said...

GoldenAppleCorp, I aim to please!

Yep Seawitch, that is exactly what happened. Which means, in reality, they suck and last year was a fluke. Still, I would have liked to have rooted for Greece in the World Cup. I guess I am going to have to root for America now. Blah!