Monday, October 17, 2005

The Lazytons

Yep, that is what you can call us today. My husband has the week off, and what happens? Do we wander the city streets, shopping, having coffee, going to parks, watching movies? Of course not. As usual, he got up moderately early (9am) while I snoozed in. He came in a bit later to wake me, and in the process, fell asleep himself. How late did we sleep? We slept til the mythical 4:20. Even the cats didn't bother us.

And you know what? It felt good.


Cynthia Rae said...

I have heard the saying "Spend each day as if it were your last". If I did that, I would spend the day in pj's, in bed with a plate of bonbons!

Hope you enjoyed your lazy day. There are never enough of them. How nice of your sweet kitties to let you sleep in!

AT said...

Yeah, I had from Thursday till today off work, and other than a concert we did nuttin. I'm a little disappointed, but neither one of us could figure out a better idea!

... also, not gonna ask what makes 4:20 so mythical... you seem like such a good girl...