Thursday, October 27, 2005

May the day keep getting better

After falling asleep around 7:30 am, and my tired husband coming home after a fatiguing 24 hour shift and falling into bed at 1:30 pm, we slept until 5:30 pm. I actually love getting up late in the day, I don't really know why. Maybe my brain is on backwards. Obviously, this type of schedule does nothing for a normal workday or getting errands done, but there is something kind of magical about getting up as the sun is starting to set.

What do my eyes see as soon as I awaken? Harriet Miers' withdrawal from the judicial nomination. I was actually looking for news about the Plame case indictments, but this will do, for now. You might ask why I am so eager for indictments, well, I just like to see corrupt government getting what it deserves. Obviously, I would prefer that such things never happened at all, that the Bush regime was as pure as the driven snow, but I'm not that stupid.

Between corruption at home and corruption in Greece I'm not sure which end is up.


Eff said...

She withdrew? Oh, thank goodness.

traveller one said...

No kidding! Everyone seems to think corruption is something that only happens in strange foreign countries (like Albania which is now ranked 126 out of about 150 corrupt countries). But it's not- it's everywhere and it's more dangerous than bird flu.

melusina said...

Lol, Greece was 47th out of that corrupt country list. Wonderful, ain't it?

The U.S. really can't be that far behind. We just don't know all the piles they have their hands in.