Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cough, cough, cough

So I'm bored. I'm still sick (yes, it has been a full week now), I've coughed up both lungs and am working on some other small organs now. Last night a friend of my husband's was in town (this friend was actually our koumbaros - otherwise known as the best man) from Athens and I couldn't go out with them because of this damn flu. And tonight is a small family gathering at an aunt's (my mother-in-law's sister) and I can't go because of this damn flu. It sucks, really, because this family group is lots of fun, although there will be plenty more times to visit with them in the future.

So what do I spend my time doing? Thanks to Michael at Chez Bez I spent over a half hour putting funny things into the Sloganizer and laughing myself silly (turd was my particular favorite, yes, I am so mature). It is quite stupid, really, because it isn't as if there aren't things to do around here, and even if my husband were here we wouldn't necessarily be doing the exact same activity. But for some reason, when he is gone, I get horribly bored. Horribly, crankily bored (and apparently infantile, see above turd remark).

This is quite frustrating for me actually, because I am one of those people who actually delighted in living alone and having time to myself. I still want time to myself. But organized, arranged time to myself, not I'm-sick-and-can't-go-do-things-with-my-husband time to myself.

I'm entitled to a whiney post every once in awhile. Aren't I?

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