Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's a sad day

Apparently, some Americans actually need a law to help them take responsibility for themselves. The so-called "Cheeseburger Bill", which was passed by the House of Representatives Wednesday, would keep people from filing civil lawsuits against fast food chains for making them get fat.

OK, people. I can see it now: eventually Congress is going to have to pass a bill telling people they have to wipe their ass after they shit. I mean really. There is enough information out there, and even IN the fast food restaurants themselves, letting people know how fattening the food is. You can't blame a fast food restaurant for making you fat. The fast food restaurant didn't force feed you 10 Big Macs and 5 super size fries a day. Are these people hinting that fast food restaurants should shut down so they won't be tempted? What about the people that enjoy fast food responsibly? Maybe fast food places should just ban fat people from entering or eating their food? Oh wait, that would be discrimination. We wouldn't want that.

For the record, I don't agree with the cigarette lawsuits anymore either. Sure, several years ago people weren't as well-informed about the dangers of smoking. But now they are. Hell, it is right there on the damn pack! That is one of the main points of a free America, you are allowed to make your own decisions. If you decide to smoke, that is your business. You know the risks. Sure, perhaps cigarettes should be illegal. Why don't you ask the government why they aren't?

While we are at it, let's just sue television networks for making us stupid, game companies for wasting our time, coffee manufacturers for making us jittery, candy bar companies for rotting our teeth. Why should we bother taking responsibility for ourselves at all?

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Eff said...

Because that would be an irresponsible, i.e., selfish, blow to the trial lawyer industry.