Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cry me a river

Should it bother me to pay 3 euros for a glass of orange juice in a trendy cafe/bar? Cuz it does.


Mike said...

Me too. I live out in the sticks and the damn things are literaly falling off the trees, yet buy fresh juice in a bar and it costs a fortune. OK, I'm sure I'm missing some of the fine points of the economics of orange growing but, well, it just don't seem right.

The SeaWitch said...

I ordered a glass of milk for my son in Cephalonia and they charged me 5€ for it and I told the waitress to take it back. What's the point? I'd rather pay 10€ and buy the whole cow. It's ridiculous the prices they charge for beverages in cafes. Pre-euro days, I never paid more than 800 drachmas (2.35€) for a coffee at the local square in my neighbourhood. Now, I'd have to scour the city to find a coffee for less than 4€. And the cafes can't figure out why half their tables are empty on Friday and Saturday nights.

adfjkaj said...


3 Euros is not bad for juice actually. I go to lunch with friends at local taverna in glyfada and I pay 20 euros just for my lunch. What did I have? Two bifteki (hamburger patty), one greek salad, tzadziki, and a couple of cokes. By comparison, in Los Angeles, with 20 euros, I can eat fairly well for two people at a modest family style restaurant (denny's etc). Of course, at a more pricier place I'd pay about 50 bucks. But still cheaper than here. So, the 3 euros isn't too bad.

Gia-Gina said...

Wow I am surprised; that is more than Italy at 2-2.5 Euros. For one someplace is more expensive than here!

Gia-Gina said...

Hey girl love your blog hbut have been meaning to comment about the layout. when I click on it your profile stuff is at the bottom of hte page after the posts.

Do you wnat to fix this? If so email me and I will try to help. I had the same problem a while back.

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teacher dude said...

If you ask for orange juice here in the centre of Thessaloniki it's more like 6€ !!! That's one hell of an orange tree they've got there. Still, if people are dumb enuogh to pay these prices, what do you expect ?

Anonymous said...

You have to scour the city to find a coffe for less than 4 €, seawitch?! My god! Few portuguese would survive in Greece! We need coffee as much as we need water, and giving 1 euro for a coffe is a robery, for us. Most of the bars sell coffee for 50 cents. Real coffee, expresso, not that brown water they sell in France, for instante. Of course, we can’t complain if we pay 5 euros (or 10…) at the Ritz Hotel.


Anonymous said...

I suppose the alternative is to stay at home and make your own coffee / orange juice.

You all have that choice, it's not compulsary to spend 3 euros on orange. But if you do, I'm assuming it's because you like that particular place.

I'm also sure that scouring the city for a place that sells cheap coffee isn't part of anyones plan. I've been to many different coffee shops over the years and I judge them on how nice the place is and how nice the coffee is. Not whether I can get it 50 cents cheaper down the road.

My final thought, mmmmmmm.... Dennys!

melusina said...

Well, we went to a small cafe/bar in Thessaloniki city centre (just off Svolou) and the atmosphere was nice and they played the kind of music I like, so it worked for me. My husband and I don't go out for "coffee" that often (except I almost never want coffee, so I get juice or something) so I guess if we don't do it too frequently it isn't so bad. But sheesh. I was accustomed to paying too much for alcoholic drinks in America, but 3 euros seems excessive for juice (it was 3.50 for my husband's hot chocolate).

Still, for me (someone who doesn't go out too often) this certainly doesn't make me WANT to go out that often.