Tuesday, November 15, 2005

December 1st, 2005: Blog about Racism Day

December 1st happens to be the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks' act of "civil disobedience", and so has been deemed "Blog about Racism Day".

Which is all a very long-winded way of declaring December 1, 2005 - the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks' heroic act of civil disobedience on that Montgomery bus - "Blog Against Racism" day, in which people post something on the very broad and complex subject of racism. You don't need to have a political blog to participate. Race, after all, affects almost every aspect of life in one way or another. Your post might be literary in nature, or historical, or concern current issues in need of political attention. You might take the opportunity to debunk scientific racism, or write poetry or essays about personal experiences, uplifting or depressing.

With luck, the discussion engendered will endure past midnight on December 2.

To participate, announce the date in your blog sometime soon to encourage others to take part. And then on December 1, 2005, Blog Against Racism!

Simple enough! Spread the word.

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Gia-Gina said...

I think you will like MLK's Letter from the Birmingham Jail, it's long but a great read.

Today I was in a pen shop trying to buy a filler for my hubbies pen, a mont blanc, the lady followed me all around as I browsed before asking me for a refill. I was annoyed but kept walking and walking all over the small shop and thought if she wants to follow then go ahead.

When I pulled put my hubbies pen in it's leather case, the pen is about 350 Euros (not mine but the hubby bought it before he met me) she was surprised and handed me the refill. Then her hubby comes out of the back room, greets me and says am I here with another exquisite pen that needs a refill and I said "yes". I think she learned her lesson but I am not sure. When I go in again I'll see if she remembers me, but then again all asians look alike right?