Tuesday, November 01, 2005

From the LOL files

I had to laugh when I saw this headline:

"Greenpeace fined for reef damage"

I'm sorry, but I am not a fan of Greenpeace. I would be more of a fan, if their cult-like followers didn't stick pamphlets in your face and repeatedly harass you whenever they were in town. I happen to think that sometimes their efforts are a bit misguided, although with good intentions.

Greenpeace agreed to pay the fine, but blamed the accident on outdated maps provided by the
Philippines government.

"The chart indicated we were a mile and a half" from the coral reef when the ship ran around, regional Greenpeace official Red Constantino told AFP news agency.

"This accident could have been avoided if the chart was accurate," he said, adding, however, that Greenpeace felt "responsible" for the damage.

Ever heard of navigational equipment?

Running aground and ruining 100 sq. miles of protected reef. Good job, guys! At least they own up to their embarassing mistake.

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