Monday, November 21, 2005

Thank god for cabin pressure

In another stunning blow for evolution, a French woman has pled guilty to endangering the safety of an aircraft after she attempted to open the airplane door midflight to have a smoke. The woman claims to have a fear of flying, and so she had drunk alchohol along with downing sleeping pills before the flight. Her industrious lawyer claims the defendant has no recollection of what happened, and added that her client also has a history of sleepwalking. Yes, I've no doubt that she sleepwalked her way to the door, cigarette and lighter in hand, thinking she was just at the office and stepping outside for a smoke.

I suppose it is a good thing that the doors won't open when airborne, because you just never know what kind of moron might needing some fresh air.


Cynthia Rae said...

I find that alchohol and sleeping pills usually keep me quiet on long flights! Oh who am I kidding, the sleeping pills are enough to shut me up!



adfjkaj said...

I remember in 1996 when the Olympics were held in Atlanta, the Greek Olympic basketball team refused to put out their cigarettes on a Delta airlines flight from Athens to New York, and they were pretty obnoxious. Kind of funny huh. Even top athletes in Greece smoke! At any rate, I remember that I was so proud of the Greek parliament who was actually outraged that their athletes caused such a problem. I remember that the FBI met the plane when it landed and the only thing that saved their sorry butts was they sort of had diplomatic immunity being an official Olympic team. I wished the Greek government would have let them fry in a NYC courtroom over that. It would have taught them a lesson no doubt. I searched for an article on the net to link to, and only found this old NY Times link referencing it. I'm not sure how to link it so you can click so you may have to copy and past the link into the browser.

melusina said...

I hate smoking, I have little sympathy for "smoker's rights". I couldn't even stand my own wedding reception because of all the smoking Greeks.

I still don't see how anyone who consumed alcohol and sleeping pills was walking around. I guess she has a bit of a resistance built up. =p