Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Damn their egos!

A couple of years ago, there was an interview with Chris Martin, the lead singer of the band Coldplay, where he made some comment about how great a band they were. The comment was something along the lines about making a soundtrack for the world, or something, and it would all be Coldplay songs. Now, I had liked their song Yellow but hadn't heard the rest of the album, and I thought perhaps he was being a bit too big for his britches.

Well, goddamn him, perhaps he was right. My husband and I really enjoyed A Rush of Blood to the Head and now and we are really, really enjoying X&Y. What makes them so good? Solid songwriting, beautiful melodies, excellent instrumentation. These boys really are musicians, not pretty boys made into a band and mixed with all the sound enhancing effects a soundboard can muster. Their ability really sounds off in the harmony at the end of the song Fix You. It is as if they are channelling Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Fantastic. Damn them for being so good. Damn them all!

And by the way, what exactly is James Blunt doing? I don't mind his first single, but come on! We can all see you are just trying to imitate Coldplay. Even the video is almost the same as the one for Yellow! Too lame.


GoldenAppleCorp said...

I loved Parachutes, liked A Rush of Blood to the Head and thought X&Y was so-so.
What really impressed me was their cameo in the movie Shaun of the Dead. I love it when bands do kooky stuff like that.
But I have serious doubts about their songs being the soundtrack to the world.

Nicole said...

Some other guys you might like if you don't know them already- Jesse Harris & The Ferdinandos, Josh Ritter, Josh Rouse and Neko Case's solo stuff is fab.