Monday, November 07, 2005

Weather or not

So the weather here in sunny Northern Greece has gotten colder. People are scurrying about the streets in winter coats, gloves, hats, scarves, and other cold weather attire. Some people are even electing to suit up before going out on their balconies for simple tasks. It must be freezing outside, right?

Nope. The temperatures during the last few days, which have been relatively sunny, have been in the mid-60's (I suppose around 18° Celsius). Sure, it is jacket weather, and it does turn a bit chilly overnight (upper-40's), but I have to wonder if the denizens of this burg could survive in Nashville.

I have often thought that the climate here in Thessaloniki is fairly similar to that of Nashville, except for the large temperature swings that seem to occur in Nashville at the change of season (90° to 60°, back up to 85° again, then down to 40°). But the winters seem to have similar temperatures, and the fall weather is similar, although perhaps a bit more pleasant here longer (in my opinion, at least, the current temperatures are my ideal). It is terribly unlikely you'll see an 80° (or higher) day here after mid-October, while in Nashville, you can still suffer. But you aren't going to see temperatures below 45° or so at night, either, until late November or December, while in Nashville, you can have your first frost in October. Anything goes there.

Rarely does it get mortifyingly cold here. I can remember plenty of Nashville winters that the temperatures fell well into the 20's (or lower) for long periods at a time. How the snow and ice wouldn't melt away because the temperatures were staying too cold even for the salt to work. Thessaloniki residents would surely die before that would happen. I mean, if they are wearing their winter coats now, what will they wear when it is freezing out?

Me, I'm still comfortable in a sweater, for now. Since I haven't yet faced an entire Thessaloniki winter, we'll see what happens. But I bet I won't get as cold as I have in Nashville. Of course, at my wise age, I'm not stupid enough to go out partying when it is 17° F out. I wasn't so wise 15 years ago.

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traveller one said...

The weather's very nice here in Tirana also. Yesterday we even ate brunch outside on a terrace in the sun. I think we are close to being on the same latitude with you.