Thursday, November 10, 2005

That's just great

Apparently, scientists have discovered that they can perhaps measure the strength of an earthquake in the first few seconds an earthquake hits, hopefully one day leading to an early warning system of sorts.

You know, that is really helpful. When a disaster only takes a few seconds to start with, having a few seconds warning is really going to make a difference. Oh look, I can run from here to across the room! Go me! I can do that the minute I feel the tremor, too. And how exactly are they going to alert everyone? Will they assume we all have T.V.s on, radios, whatever? Or will a giant voice descend from the sky booming "7.6 everyone, watch out!"

Sure, sure, I know. It gives time for equipment to be shut off, important things that can ultimately cause more destruction than the earthquake. Which is good, I can accept that, but I am really not sure it is going to do me much good knowing how strong the puppy is going to be. Instead of a vague hope that maybe it won't be too bad, I'll know that certain death is about to occur. So please, alert the electric companies, the gas companies, the schools, the hospitals. But leave me be.

I'd rather stay oblivious, thankyouverymuch.

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Cristina said...

Good post- it made me smile.