Saturday, November 12, 2005


Tomorrow we are having lunch with the in-laws. It is a good thing, because it is a free meal and saves us the excruciating pain of figuring out what to eat. The biggest bonus is that my mother-in-law is an excellent Greek cook, despite her busy schedule. Someday perhaps I will learn her secret, but I think it might be an ability that is somehow acquired after you have children.

What I am not looking forward to is the revelation of why my husband and I, after three months, have not managed to finish unpacking and setting up the living/dining area. The simple response to this is: we're lazy, and we'd rather do other things with our time. Not to mention it is a completely separate area of the house that we don't need for day to day living, so we don't think about it that much. Except when my mother-in-law starts talking about coming over to give me Greek lessons.

Now, I am perfectly happy with the idea of her giving me Greek lessons. I am perhaps a bit shy about it, but I think she will be a good teacher. The issue is the fact of her coming here and her extreme dislike for our cats, which is the whole reason to have a completely separate living/dining area, so we can have guests who won't be bothered by pesky, attention-seeking felines and their shedding hair.

So here we are. She is ready to start the lessons. I am ready to start having the lessons. But, since it is more convenient for her to pop over here after her morning appointments, we don't yet have a space to have the lessons. And the fact that it has been three months since we moved in makes it all the more embarrassing.

Tomorrow, after lunch, the father-in-law is to come back with us and help taking down the rest of yiayia's stuff and help my husband move some things out of the way so we can set up the sitting area and get a woman in here to clean up nicely, because the whole area is filthy. I feel a bit bad that my father-in-law has to be involved, but as my mother-in-law said to me, "Don't wait for Thanos to do it, because he will keep saying later. You make the plans and we will get it done".

So there you go. We'll see tomorrow what gets done. For the record, I'm not holding my breath.

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