Thursday, November 03, 2005

I'm so proud

Fun searches for the last week include:

  • girls on all fours (yep, you'll find that here)
  • "olympian gods" and pumpkin carving patterns (damn, I'd like to see THOSE pumpkins, if they succeeded)
  • are slavic macedonians descendants of alexander the great (can open, worms EVERYWHERE)
  • website eat acts picture (huh?)
  • sperm in to vagena (if you can't spell it right, you don't deserve to see it)
  • nagging wife (oh, thats ME!)
  • as i lay dying "my mother is a fish" (read the book, then write your report)
And the number one web search this week...

  • national boob and beer holiday (celebrate at will, people)


St. Caffeine said...

Off topic, but I sent you a "book email" at the link on your page. Hope that address works and hope you don't mind. Just thought I'd give you a "heads up" that you might have an email from an unknown address. Don't know how freaked out folks in Greece are regarding spam and viruses and such.

Muffy said...

You have no idea how many extra cool points you've just scored by having a Chandler Bing quote on your blog.


Cynthia Rae said...

I missed National Boobs and Beer Day? Is this an American holiday?
Did anyone get the day off from work?


melusina said...

Muffy, Chandler Bing quotes are a staple in our household! (Same with Larry David quotes from Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Cyn, I have no idea. Might as well celebrate then!

St. Caffeine, got the email, thanks! I'll reply to it directly.