Sunday, November 20, 2005

The positives of my husband working a 24-hour shift

  • no Microsoft Flight Sim sounds (airplanes, air controllers, all the weird, geeky online world of Microsoft Flight Sim that honestly kinda creeps me out, sorry honey)
  • extra money
  • I get to catch up on Alias. We are a season behind here, but so far the fourth season has been much better than the third. Stronger storylines that are limited to each episode, not one long stupid storyline. But, after the third season my husband simply can't tolerate the show anymore, so I have to tape it and watch it when he is working. Plus I get the bonus of drooling over Michael Vartan without my husband making gagging sounds.
  • I get to continue watching the first season of The West Wing, a show my husband constantly mocks because it has the benevolent president who has a solution for everything.
  • The cats have a field day, because they behave for him but not for me

See, I'm just trying to make the best of it. Yea, I'd rather have him home but this is the reality of being married to a doctor. It could be worse, he could be specializing in the U.S. and working ALL the time.

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