Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Too much pride, a bit of prejudice

The Jane Austen Society of North America is up in arms about the latest film version of Austen's 1813 novel Pride and Prejudice.

They list a phalanx of complaints about director Joe Wright's movie version of the novel, including the inappropriate features of the actor playing Mr. Darcy, in-your-face sexual imagery, "lame" dialogue and Keira Knightley's posture.

"The film is full of sexual imagery, which is totally inappropriate to Austen's novel. In one scene, a wild boar, which I assume is supposed to represent Darcy, wobbles through a farm with its sexual equipment on show."

Well, it is Hollywood. A movie has to sell. And while I tend to enjoy Jane Austen's works, film audiences might not. Look at what they did in the movie Troy. (Or rather, DON'T look at it)

And the director's response to all this hubbub?

"They can go jump in a lake," Wright, I'm told, advises NPR L.A. correspondent Kim Mastersfor her piece on "Morning Edition."

Wright sniffs that he's not interested in "quibblers," adding that he didn't make the film for them. "I made it for myself, really," he reportedly reveals.

Well there ya go. If you want a film portrayal of a novel to be true to the original, make it yourself. Otherwise, stick to the book.


Mike said...

Haven't seen Troy yet, tho I think it's on Nova soon. I'll probably look up from the pc screen to the tv screen, once in a while.

Just... "I made it for myself" -isn't this a bit lame? Who's going to watch it? Well, I guess the idea is that the people who pay their money will, which is probably why stuff gets sexed-up. But I think folks go to see a fairly faithful interpretation of the book. JMO.

Thanos said...

Ars gratia artis I suppose... "ars" indeed! I'll pass ;p