Saturday, November 19, 2005

Holy cold temperatures, Batman!

I can be realistic. I mean, I know it is the middle of November. And yes, temperatures have been slowly dropping here. But sheesh, today is cold. I don't think it topped 50° (10° C) today. It probably feels more intensely cold because it is crazy lady windy out there. And since my husband is busy being a doctor all night tonight, it means three cats stick to me like magnets, which isn't so bad, but gosh, sometimes you gotta move around. Not to mention, I am a cheap ass when it comes to turning on the heat. Sure, the minute the temperature surpasses 75° in the spring I'm turning the A/C on, but the heat only comes on when I start to see my breath and little icicles are hanging off the cats' whiskers. I HATE heat. It dries out my skin, my eyes, makes me itcy, blech. But I can't deny how good it feels when I'm freezing.

And the neighbor's cheap ass windchimes have been going off ALL DAMN DAY. It sounds like the friggin' Salvation Army Santa is ringing his damn bell non-stop right next door. I swear I am going to take garden shears and reach over and chop those things down, even if it means possible death by falling 6 floors.


The SeaWitch said...

Could you ask your neighbour to remove them? You could tell her/him that your husband is a doctor who often works long shifts and he needs his sleep and her windchimes keep him awake thereby increasing the chances of him making a mistake on the job which is much more serious than let's giving a client a JVC amplifier rather than a Sony.

If she doesn't remove the chimes then hang a motion sensor outside your door which sounds an alarm if a fly buzzes by. That ought to do it.

null said...

I like cold too. Cold is good because you can protect from it just by wearing more clothes... But with heat, you can't do the opposite thing :-)

melusina said...

Lol Seawitch, well, the neighbors are in the next building, so it requires a little too much effort to go over there. I'm sure they get the brunt of our DVD extravaganzas since we share a wall. Just wait til we get the surround sound set up (lol, like that will ever happen, knowing my husband).

Yea null, I'd definitely always rather be too cold than too hot. Blankets are good, snuggly husbands and kitties are good when it soooo cold.