Wednesday, November 30, 2005


After nearly four months, my husband and I (who should really be referred to as the Lazytons) finally finished unpacking and now have a presentable living/dining area. OK, so this is due in large part to my mother-in-law and her cleaning lady, who fixed up the dirty, dusty room with crap all over the dining room table and everywhere else to look like a presentable area. We can actually have people over now, without having to have them wade through our bedroom to our messy, cat hair filled den. Now I can't stop looking at our beautiful new room.

My mother-in-law and I also had our first Greek lesson yesterday, with another one tomorrow (with a quiz!). The cleaning lady (Miss Ellie) kept admonishing my mother-in-law for speaking to me in English instead of Greek, then quizzing me herself and, realizing that I understood her, would exclaim "see, she knows! she knows!" and giggle. I also had the horrifying experience of Miss Ellie running around the apartment and pointing out everything that was dirty and that she MUST clean it. It was at that point that I officially died of embarrassment, but I was resurrected somehow.

I think my mother-in-law is actually warming up to Princeton (but not the other two cats). She admitted she is no longer afraid of him and then said "but I did not say I liked him", but I could tell perhaps he has charmed her a little bit. Princeton charms everyone, with his light fur and deep blue eyes. Of course, while they were cleaning there were constant shouts of "γάτα στο σαλόνι" (cat in the living room) which was fun for all.

I'm so happy now. We've never been so nicely settled into an apartment here before.


adfjkaj said...

When I came to Greece years ago and only up until recently (last few years), did people not freak out when they saw my kitty kat in the house, on the furniture etc. I heard constant comments such as "Is it safe to have the cat stay in the house". Or, would you mind putting the cat out because I'm afraid of cats. After a few arguments with my wife, my kitty kat became one of the family and they either liked her or they don't come over.

Have you had anyone question the cat's being inside?

God, when we had the baby, it all started again. ARghh!!

deviousdiva said...

So now you can have people round, when are all of us deranged bloggers invited round for dinner? Only joking! Doesn't it feel good when you finally get round to something and it turns out great. Enjoy.

sappho said...

I thought Greeks didn't mind cats, seeing as when I was in Greece they were roaming around EVERYWHERE! I couldn't eat at an outside restaurant without like 5 surrounding me!

adfjkaj said...

Sappho, I think they like cats overall, but just not in the house as I found with my little fur ball.

Thanos said...

For the record, I too do not think cats belong in the house, they are an annoyance to humans and vice versa. Of course they are adorable and playful, but still. Anyway, I may some day make a post about cats, pets, humans, indoors, outdoors, the way people used to live and modern living.

Not today though.

adfjkaj said...


I know you stated "annoyance" as the reason cats should not be inside. I look forward to reading your brief against cats being in the house.

As a doctor, I'm sure you don't subscribe to the wives tales that many of your countrymen do though?

Even my Greek pediatrician and vet have a hard time convincing my wife that the baby won't be hurt by the kitty. My God! How did so many millions of Americans survive (including me) who had a cat inside the house, and by golly even licking my face as an infant. Well, if you see my avatar, you may disagree.

melusina said...

Nah, Scruffy, it isn't any wives' tale he proscribes to. He thinks cats are meant to be wild and people who keep them indoors all the time are being cruel. He also thinks that cat hair, cat poop, cat paws all over everything are a major, major, MAJOR annoyance. Not to mention cat meowing in the middle of the night.

He didn't want cats, but I came with cats. Although he could have told me to find homes for them before I left America, and I would have done it. But I am glad he didn't. =p We discussed it, and he said bring them. He loves them more than he lets on, but he hates them too, for all the things above.

melusina said...

Oh, and actually DD, I would have y'all round for dinner, except we live in different cities! Would be kind of a long commute for a lousy dinner.

adfjkaj said...

Most men don't enjoy cats, so I don't blame the good doctor. I'm quite an unusual one, especially here in Greece as I love cats, and am not fond of dogs, especially when they chase me while jogging.