Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Did you know that some people actually eat fictional cartoon characters we've known and loved since children? It seems that kangaroo meat is a major export for Australia, countries such as Belgium, France, Russia and Germany love to eat Winnie the Pooh's marsupial friend. It has gone to such a level that Australian authorities have launched a contest for a new (tasty and discreet) name for kangaroo meat. Apparently, Australians get offended when they see their national symbol listed on menus, and the industry felt it befitting to find a more amenable name to boost domestic sales.

Also on the menu in the kangaroo meat industry? Ready-to-eat marsupial dinners. Yum!


Cynthia Rae said...

I hope that I NEVER see "roo" on an Outback menu!


adfjkaj said...

In the 1980s in Los Angeles, the Jack-in-the-box fast food restaurant had a scandal that said they were serving kangaroo meat in their burgers, and for awhile the chain was known as "Jack-in-the-POUCH". Even Johnny Carson called them that once in his show.

melusina said...

I know, it is hard to be indignant when I eat chicken and beef and pork with gusto. But it's Roo!!!

That was a weird scandal, I actually remember that. Then they ended up with all the e.coli - that is one ill-fated fast food company.

Sarcastro said...

Would you like that Joey Burger cooked medium-roo?