Friday, November 25, 2005

What I'm thankful for

Forget my list of thankfulness from the other day. I'm thankful that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey finally admitted their marriage is over. Now can we quit hearing about them please?


Short and Fat said...

What will Nick Simpson be famous for now?

Paul Chenoweth said...

I always wondered who the boy band guy was... (Nick Simpson, LOL...I like that!)

melusina said...

I think he'll turn to drink, drugs, and ruin himself completely. And then 20 years from now we'll see him on a "where are they now" bit, where we find he has become a dental hygienist and has 2 kids and writes songs.

Thanos said...

"Nick? Well, Nick now leads a normal life in Smallvilletownhamptonshire Ill. away from the spotlight. He runs a small business (read: convenience store), but still enjoys writing music and even singing in local venues - a mix of his old hits and new compositions"

*"Where are they now" theme*

*Fade to credits*

Cynthia Rae said...

It is OVER? Sorry but I have in a muscle relaxer induced coma for the past two days!