Thursday, November 24, 2005

Get ready for Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day is scheduled for tomorrow, November 25th in America and International Buy Nothing Day is scheduled for Saturday, November 26th in Europe.

Firstly, real stupid having such a day on the "big sale" day after Thanksgiving. Secondly, um, how can we be good little consumers if we don't buy anything? Oh, wait. Apparently that is the point of Buy Nothing Day. It gives us a break from being good little consumers! It teaches us how to curb our consumerism (wow, great title for a T.V. show!). And having it on the heaviest shopping day will show those money grubbing bastards how we aren't going to take it anymore!

Can you imagine if noone did buy anything on these days? It could destroy the economy, and not in a good way. Some corporations might take an unrecoverable hit. Some people might lose their jobs. And shopaholics everywhere would be hospitalized with the shopping version of DTs.

The sad reality is there is no way people won't stop shopping. People the world over have proven themselves willing to pay any price for anything. Consumerism keeps us happy. It keeps us from trouble. It gives us something to lose. It is the soma of our brave new world.

Buyer, beware.

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