Monday, November 14, 2005

The doctor is in

My parents occasionally send us tapes of new U.S. shows they enjoy. On one of the most recent ones, they included an episode of House, M.D., and my husband and I were instantly hooked. It was nice, for once, to see a medical show that wasn't filled with hospital doctor/nurse/orderly relationship drama and that focused more on the "detective" work of diagnosing illnesses.

We recently acquired the first season of the show, and have been watching a couple of episodes a day. Unfortunately, such frequent viewing of such a show can cause nightmares, hypochondriac episodes, and other discomfort. But the best thing about watching a show like this is watching it with a doctor.

At first, my husband's involvement in the show, was quiet. A few guesses of diagnoses here and there and an occasional remark about how something was incorrect (you don't treat suchandsuch with soandso, etc.). We are now about halfway through the first season, and my husband is now resorting to such comments as "who in the hell is their medical advisor on this show??" and "if his creatnine was 13, he'd be dead". Not only that, but he has devolved into shouting (yes, I said shouting) diagnoses at the T.V. at random.

At first I was annoyed, but now I am amused. It is a lot of fun hearing a doctor yell at the television. And who knows, if there was a show about, hmm, people teaching Literature, I might do some yelling myself. You never know.


Gia-Gina said...

I don't miss very many TV shows, I watch bits of 20/20 on the internet and would love to get a taping or two of Jeopardy but mostly we watch DVD's that we own or rent. Have you seen HITCH yet? It is a riot.

Nicole said...

LOL- I love that show. Hugh Lorie (sp?) is a brit actor too. Has a small little bit in the film sense and sensibility and steals a few scenes.

I have a friend that is about to write a spec for House- Should have him send it to your hubby to make sure the medical science isn't wonky!

Ben O. said...

Very interesting site -

Ben O.

hobbes said...

Hubby and me are also in the process of ploughing through the first season of House. We were just talking about how much REAL doctors must hate that show.

melusina said...

My husband actually enjoys the show, there are just some things that are not medically accurate. That plus he gets the idea that this is how we practice medicine in America.

Of course, I am SURE they have medical advisors on the show who tell them things aren't accurate, and sometimes the producers/directors probably say whatever, we want it like that and ignore the advisors.

My husband LOVES the character of House. He loves the character of Dr. Cox on Scrubs, too.