Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I'm in a foul mood today due to the following:

It is really cold and really wet outside. And I'm certain because of the weather I feel absolutely blah.

Our upstairs neighbors, the Yellingtons, who have been known to have loud arguments at 2am yet still decided to tell us to keep it down when my husband was reading Harry Potter aloud at midnight and at another time they yelled at us to keep it down at 3pm (normal siesta time here) are doing what appears to be a major remodelling. This major remodelling does not stop at the normal siesta time. It does not stop at all. Next time they want us to keep it down, they can just deal with it.

Our living room/dining room area is getting cleaned at 4pm tomorrow, which means we need to finish emptying the last box and arrange the room. The problem is, that area of the apartment is not heated, and even if it was, the apartment right next to it also happens to be going through a major remodelling and thus is open to the elements, making it nearly impossible to heat the area.

I have to pee in a bucket until tomorrow morning so some tests can be run on my kidney function. Peeing in a bucket isn't fun.

My husband works a 24 hour shift on Thursday, which means I will be alone in a foreign country on Thanksgiving Day.

The only good thing? My husband is off until his shift Thursday, so there has been lots of time to snuggle and keep warm with him and three snuggly kitties.


St. Caffeine said...

Finally a reason to be thankful for that XY chromosome: peeing in a bucket, no problem!

adfjkaj said...

Doesn't the ACT (American College of Thes) have a thanksgiving dinner. The ACG (American College of Greece have one every year and I pig out like there's no tomorrow with gourmet Thanksgiving fare and only for 15.00 euros a plate. (you should see me eat) but alas, since my wife comes, I won't be able to untuck my shirt, loosen my belt and keep eating.

melusina said...

Haha, no kidding St. Caffeine. I have always thought such "talents" would come in handy now and then.

Scruffy, I can't eat Thanksgiving dinner unless I cook it or my mom cooks it. I'm spoilt like that. We were planning on doing a weekend Thanksgiving meal with all the family here, but we didn't get our dining area fixed up in time. Next year, probably. And I WILL be making a pumpkin pie.