Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm too good to serve you coffee

Tonight we went out with my siblings-in-law for coffee. Going out for coffee is a big thing here, as it is in most European countries, and there are coffee shops (not to be confused with the Dutch coffee shops, at least, for now) on almost every street corner here in Thessaloniki. We went to a place fairly close to us, well, close to all of us, as our apartment, my brother-in-law and his wife's apartment, and my in-law's apartment make kind of a triangle in a 3 block radius.

Firstly, the average age of the clientele was around 15, it seems, a very happening place for the younger set. This is good, it makes me feel young in return, but then, of course, I find myself judging the young 'uns, which makes me feel old again. Between the refrain of "Billie Jean" blasting from the stereo and the mode of fashion of the teenagers there, I actually felt like it was once again 1982.

Our server, however, seemed to have a real attitude. It was as if serving coffee was above her, yet, that was her chosen profession! I'm sure there are plenty of other opportunities out there if she chose to apply herself. Then again, if she does anything else like she serves coffee, then she won't be doing anything else for long. This woman could not be bothered to write down the order, which is fine, if you can manage to not screw up the order. She was unfamiliar with the menu and she didn't bother to walk around the table to serve us our drinks, instead doing the "pass it along" method commonly used in a dive bar.

At least it was a great spot for people watching. I don't know if we shall go back, as there are plenty other places to choose from, and well, they seem to have their hands full with their teenage clientele.

One thing I am learning about Thessaloniki though - you can go out, before sundown, and it feels moderately pleasant out, but as the sun starts to set, you start to feel sticky - humidity rises. Ugh. I hate night humidity.

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