Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Well, the movers aren't coming until 4pm tomorrow so that means we don't have to pack computers or TVs, etc, until tomorrow. Yay! It is nice to have a bit of a breather, knowing that everything is packed and we can just relax...

...until 4pm tomorrow, when we have to round up three cats, throw them in their cages, listen to them howl for an hour, put them in the car, listen to them howl for another hour in the car, take them up to the new apartment, listen to them howl in the bathroom while the movers move all our crap up 6 flights of stairs (2-3 hours?) then collapse at 9 or 10pm whenever they get done, and hope to god the cats are all howled out by then.

The next time my husband gets an assignment away from Thessaloniki, he is going by himself. =p


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the move! After reading through your blog and as to what exactly it entails, the only thought that comes to my mind is: "rather you than me".

melusina said...


Although I probably bitch about it more on the blog than I would irl. It is just cathartic to type down feelings and get it out of my system. I probably wouldn't complain as much about moving if it wasn't the middle of summer and super hot.

Still, I am the type of person who likes to settle down and stay put. So moving gets me all crazy.

The SeaWitch said...

Last August, I was in the same position as you...and lived to tell the tale! We hired movers and they packed everything up and moved us so at least I didn't have to pack. But I did have to unpack and it took me a week! The most manual labour I've ever done in my whole life! LOL I love to move to new places (obviously...I'm here in Greece aren't ?) I just don't like the work that's involved in moving. Some people paint their walls or rearrange their furniture when they get bored...me, I move to new countries.
I hope everything goes smoothly for you and you love your new place! Post pics :-)

Rex L. Camino said...

By the way, Mel, how is your ability to speak Greek? I can't figure out how to pronouce all these place names. It's almost as bad as when my sister lived in Mississippi.

melusina said...

Seawitch, you were lucky you got them to pack for you. We are too cheap to do that! I'm just glad it will be over soon.

Rex, my ability to speak Greek sucks. I can only pronounce the names after repeated practice.