Saturday, August 20, 2005

Shattered glass

We had to replace the glass in the hall door today, because my father-in-law inadvertently busted one of the panes when he was refitting the door to fit over the new tile.* Now, I wasn't entirely sure what would be entailed in replacing panes of glass, and we decided to have all three panes replaced with a different, less transparant type of glass instead of just replacing the one pane that was broken.

So, apparently, the only way of extracting the glass is to break it out. And they fit the new panes in with some kind of silly putty type stuff. In the end, it only cost 45 euros (which seems cheap to me, but I guess it is expensive by Greek standards), but egads, what a mess! Of course, I was worried about our slippered feet and three sets of kitty paws picking up glass remains, but a sweeping and vacuuming I think (I hope) got it all.

Still, I really hope we never have to do that again. I hate, hate, HATE broken glass.

*This is in no way a reflection on the ability of my father-in-law to do things around the house, he is actually quite a good handy man, which is unexpected considering he is a cardiologist.

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