Saturday, August 27, 2005

Now I've done it

I started reading The Da Vinci Code last night. I didn't want to do it, just the hype was too overwhelming.

Only about 50 pages in. Sure, I'm compelled to keep reading, but I'm not convinced it is a modern day classic, not any more than a Stephen King or Tom Clancy. It is certainly no Borges or Calvino. Then again, very few writers can be a Borges or Calvino.

We still haven't gotten our copy of the new Harry Potter yet. Well, a slip for the package arrived in the mail, but my husband has to go get it at the post office, since it is in his name and they make you show ID and stuff here. And since the post office closes at 2, we've been s.o.l. for picking it up while he is working. It sucks. He is off this week, so we should be able to get Harry Potter goodness on Monday!


Nicole said...

I've held off from it too. I am going to see the flick and then read the book. You will love Harry. . . but, I am biased as you knoe

melusina said...

Yea, I know I will love Harry. I am just sad that this is the second to last book.

Kat Coble said...

Several odd thoughts:

1. Can't wait to hear how you enjoy Harry!

2. DaVinci Code is I'd read Dan Brown's stuff back before he was DAN BROWN and the DaVinci Code made him the Publishing Golden Child. Average at best. Yeah, maybe I'm being a big ol' literature snot, but I don't think Code is even his best book. Let alone being a classic. It's not a painful way to spend a couple of hours but it's still mediocre in my opinion.

3. I know the general thoughts about Stephen King are similar,and in most cases perhaps they're deserved. However, I truly think that The Stand should be memorialized as Great Literature.

melusina said...

I have not yet read The Stand, but it is on my Amazon wishlist. I saw the movie when it was out several years ago, and was impressed with some of the philosophical/moral issues that came up along the way. One of my friends who is a philosophy professor actually used one scene from the movie in his 101 class.

About 150 pages in I'm not overly impressed with The DaVinci Code, sure, I am involved in the story and want to see what happens, but it seems written in a very simplistic style and the transitions are kind of jumpy and uncomfortable. I guess it is the same theory at work as the girl with the Sex and the City type blog who got the big publishing deal, the stupider, the better.

Harry is going to have to wait! My husband's back is out so he can't walk to the post office. We ordered some more books anyway, so maybe they will come by the time he can get up and about.