Sunday, September 04, 2005

Wild On...Idiocy

So tonight was the premiere of E!'s new Wild On show with Tara Reid (or rather, the European premiere), which they have renamed Taradise, for some inane reason. Normally I don't watch Wild On, it pretends to be a travel show, but in the end, it just shows all the places around the world to get really, really drunk (see SeaWitch's wonderful post on what those of us who live here in Greece think of such tourists). I don't really need a show to tell me that, I know I can get drunk in just about any bar or restaurant in the world, except in the Bible Belt on a Sunday.

I knew Tara Reid's version wouldn't be much different, but the first episode was in Athens, so I just had to watch. This show didn't even make a pretense at being a travel show. It was basically a show to watch Tara hang out with her friends, who in this episode happened to be Paris Hilton and Paris Latsis. We saw Tara have fun on the beach with P&P, we saw Tara hang out at the Latsis' home, we saw Tara party at different clubs and restaurants with P&P. Then we saw Tara have dinner at the restaurant atop the Grand Bretagne Hotel, where she had to ask the waiter what the Acropolis was. At first, I thought this was for the benefit of the travel-show watching audience, until she made it painfully clear that she knew nothing about ancient Greek history. Then she had a friend show us what we need to see in Athens, which basically consisted of the Plaka area, otherwise known as the home of touristy shops in Athens.

Yes, this is absolutely all Athens has to offer folks...drinking, partying with rich friends, and overpriced shops.

Actually, if it weren't for the ancient history of the city, this might be true. But then again, I'm not a fan of Athens. Nor am I a fan of Taradise. I hope nobody makes their travel plans based on this show.


Anonymous said...

Was there a part of this show where Latsi was showing them how to parasail? Because if so, I think I caught 5 mins of this program on the American E! channel when I was flicking! From what you tell me about the rest of the program, it makes me glad I carried on flicking till I found an old episode of the Cosby Show on one of the other channels!

melusina said...

It was that very episode.

I was dedicated to watching it in the same way you watch a train wreck or an explosion.

And there was no Cosby Show to flip to on our satellite. =(